because why not :) a lot of my song choices are mainly mixes of mainstream music, as well as music from artist in my city of Toronto :3

1: a song where you heard once and it is stuck in your head all day

hip hop, hiphop, and toronto image hiphop, toronto, and ssc image
no sad no bad - killy

2 : song with a number in the title

Abusive image music, sinner, and phora image
2 faces- phora

3 : song that reminds me of summer

90's, dancehall, and man image ass, boy, and girl image
one wine - sean paul ft machel montano ‘ major lazer

4 - song that reminds you of a crush you once had

Temporarily removed couple, love, and goals image
right here- justin bieber ft drake

5- song that needs to be played outloud

canada, city, and memories image blurry, ghetto, and girl image
goonz- burna bandz

6- song that makes you wanna dance

Image removed Temporarily removed
work- rhianna ft drake

7- song to drive to

smile, kendrick lamar, and rappeurs image alternative, bastille, and grunge image
a.d.h.d- kendrick lamar

8 song that i would strip to

jamaican, vendetta, and alkaline image blurry theme pic, ghetto cyber mood, and money green paper image
things mi love - alkaline

9- song that makes me happy

Inspiring Image on We Heart It dancehall, jamaica, and jamaican image
extra lesson- alkaline

10- song that makes me sad

Lyrics, music, and quotes image love, quotes, and cure image
move too fast- phora

11- song that you never get tired of

hiphop, khalil, and killy image bart, gif, and good image
simulation - killy

12- song from my early preteen years

all time low, panic! at the disco, and pierce the veil image Image by 💔🐨從safir youcef♕🎁🌷💞
if you can't hang- sleeping with sirens

13- song you'd want played at your funeral

Image removed dirt, fallout, and forgotten image
carry on- xxxtentacion

14- song you'd want your future soulmate to listen to

Lyrics, phora, and phoralyrics image aesthetic, rose, and flower image
run to- phora

15- song that is a classic

jawbreaker image jawbreaker and Rose McGowan image
flow- transister

16- song you would duet at karaoke

dive, girls, and mirror image Temporarily removed
7 rings- ariana grande

17- song from the year you were born

britney spears, 90s, and britney image 1990s, 90s, and boy meets world image
sometimes- britney spears

18- song that makes you think of life

alternative, arrested, and blue image glitter, party, and pink image
lean with me- juice wrld

19- song that has alot of meaning to you

Temporarily removed goat, happy, and quotes image
sinner- phora

20- song you like that has a name in the title

Temporarily removed celebrities, rappers, and xxx image
jocelyn flores- xxxtentacion

21- song that everyone should listen to

atlanta, bae, and black image cole, dreamville, and hip hop image
pretty little fears- 6lack ft j cole

22- song you like by an artist that is no longer with us

Temporarily removed
the entire album : 17 by xxxtentacion

23- song that makes me wanna fall in love

aesthetic, eyeshadow, and makeup image Temporarily removed
she so pretty- pressa

24 - favorite broadway song

don't have one

25- song that came from a movie

Image by life is good Temporarily removed
footloose- kevin james

26- a song by an artist whose voice you love

Image removed charlie puth image
attention - charlie puth

27- a song that no one expected you like

fashion, pink nails, and toronto image
bonita - chromazz

28- song that makes you fall asleep and soothes you

billie eilish, billie, and aesthetic image be, blue hair, and celebrity image
i'm bored - billie eilish

29 - a song that reminds you of a former friend

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
coming back down- hollywood undead

30- song that is aesthetically pleasing

Calvin Klein, CK, and model image bad guy, new, and billie ellish image
bad guy- billie eilish