Hello, everyone!
So this is the second part of my first playlist with brazilian songs. This time I choose the songs I like the most instead of the most famous ones.
I really hope you like it. Here it goes:

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Quero ser feliz também – Natiruts
I come in, and feel the taste of your kiss
It's much more than a desire
And make me feel like staying, your gaze
Is strong as the warter of the sea
Come and give me a new sense to live, to charm tonight

Deixa – Lagum
Wake up and never go away
If you do anyway, give me a kiss first
I'm here for you, for me, for us
You have no ideia how important is to wake up listening to your voice

Pescador de ilusões – O Rappa
I will still be ready to celebrate
If I become less hungry
And curious, curious
The dark sea will bring fear side to side
With the most colorful corals

Envolvidão – Rael
"Ela tem cores, curvas, sabores, coisas de seduzir
Eu levo flores, som de cantores que ela ama ouvir
Se der minha hora, preciso embora, mas ela me impede
De um jeito louco, fica um pouco, sou incapaz de ir
Não vou mentir, fiquei envolvidão"

(I didn't find a translation for this one, sorry)

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Como tudo deve ser – Charlie Brown Jr
Happines is being with who you like somewhere,
It's hard to be crazy, world's lawyer but,
How everything must be?
It's hard to be pegged as a nutty, bum but,
How everything must be?

Quando bate aquela saudade – Rubel
Take a good look, woman
I will be straight with you
I want to see you dressed in white
I want to see you at the altar

Só os loucos sabem – Charlie Brown Jr
Fear blinds our dreams

Poesia Acustica #1 – Pineapple StormTV, Jan Tassy, Juyé, Choice
She's malice in Wonderland
Stop the time, baby
Tonight I'm gonna dance with you until the world freezes out

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Linda, louca e mimada – Oriente
She's sweet, salt, bullet
In ballad she dances, a child in the dawn
Your makeup, your tattoos
They're protection, they draw attetion that her father can not give

Com certeza – Planta & Raiz
For sure, you have already bathed in the fall of a waterfall
Feeling the sensation of your soul being completely purified.

Andei só – Natiruts
And she stopped, looked, smiled, gave me a kiss and went away
I didn’t see the girl anymore but I have my harmonica to confort me

Jurei/Odin – Fabio Brazza
"Quem sou eu afinal? Ilusão total?
Ou será que esse eu é só uma construção social?
Ou que na real não existe "eu", só "nós"?
Deve ser por isso que S.O.S também escreve "sós""

(I didn't find a translation for this one, sorry)

Quando o sol se for – Detonautas
I think about what I do, what I've done and what I'll do
Today your photograph just shows me what I want to forget

Palpite – Vanessa Rangel
And then, will you come back
Everything around me
Is sad
And then, love can happen
Another time for you
That's what I think

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Well... hope you liked it!
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