What can I say? I am a fan girl who can't help but fall in love with some of these celebrities. Here is a list of my celebrity crushes :)

~ Tom Holland ~

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Image removed tom holland, spiderman, and boy image

~ Theo James ~

theo james, four, and insurgent image
theo james, divergent, and four image theo james, crush, and Hot image

~ Mena Massoud ~

mena massoud, actor, and aladdin image
actor, aladdin, and disney image mena massoud and aladdin image

~ Dylan O'Brien ~

dylan o'brien, thomas, and the maze runner image
dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and boy image teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and the maze runner image

~ Michael B. Jordan ~

michael b jordan image
michael b jordan and actor image beautiful people, black panther, and michael b jordan image

~ Sebastian Stan ~

sebastian stan, handsome, and actor image
Image removed sebastian stan image

~ Chace Crawford ~

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gossip girl, Chace Crawford, and boy image Image removed

~ Andrew Garfield ~

andrew garfield image
andrew garfield image andrew garfield image

~ Zayn Malik ~

zayn malik, one direction, and zayn image
Image removed zayn malik and zayn image

~ Chris Hemsworth ~

chris hemsworth image
chris hemsworth, thor, and actor image chris hemsworth, Hot, and actor image