-.`° this or that tag°´.-
-> coffee or tea
coffee, drink, and white image coffee, milk, and tea image
both honestly, i copuldnt live without either one.
-> sunset or sunrise
window, sky, and purple image moon, beach, and aesthetic image ocean, orange, and sky image Temporarily removed
sunsets own me.
-> early bird or night owl
cat, article, and moon image kpop, outcast, and edits image
definitely night owl.
-> themepark or waterpark
Caribbean, jamaica, and family fun image grunge, theme, and aesthetic image
-> hugs or kisses
animals, black, and cats image bts, jimin, and jungkook image Temporarily removed adorable, animal, and animals image
hugs, for sure.
-> books or movies
Lazy, mood, and puppy image ae, aesthetics, and alternative image
-> love or money
couple, love, and kiss image blackandwhite, g, and girls image
love, money fades, love stays.
-> heels or sneakers
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed
-> vans or converse
Image by ✞ ɦ α ૨ µ ✞ sneakers, black, and converse image
-> rain or snow
car, rain, and storm image aesthetic, blue, and kpop image
-> shower or bath
Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
baths all the way.
-> denim or leather
beautiful, chic, and fashion image black, fashion, and style image
-> curly or straight hair
hair, red, and aesthetic image girl, hair, and fashion image
straight hair.
-> chinese or italien food
Image removed food, pizza, and delicieux image
-> beard or shaved face
Image by Manuel Zuzunaga Temporarily removed
-> pale or tan skin
Mature image gold, style, and necklace image
both are absolutely stunning.
-> piercings or tattoos
aesthetic, skin, and stars image tattoo, art, and hands image
-> ice cream or yogurt
ice cream, aesthetic, and food image Temporarily removed
ice cream, always ice cream.
-> summer or winter
atardecer, belleza, and naturaleza image friends, girl, and beach image Image by Adisa 123 Image by automneautumn
i love both very much.
-> text or call
aesthetic, art, and thoughts image Image removed
-> fruit or vegetable
Image by ℒŮℵẴ Image by Adriana Adriana
-> basketball or football
aesthetic, baby, and cristiano ronaldo image world cup, england, and jesse lingard image
-> cooking or baking
cooking, delicious, and dinner image food, burger, and fries image
-> modern or rustic
Temporarily removed home, interior, and design image
a mix of both.
-> coke or pepsi
coca cola, vintage, and drink image asian, girl, and korean image
-> white chocolate or dark chocolate
chocolate, food, and sweet image candy, chocolate, and dark chocolate image
dark chocolate.
-> adventure or comfort
bedroom, room, and white image couple and love image
-> saver or spender
gucci and green image Image removed
-> candels or fairy lights
beautiful, interesting, and photo image fairy lights, lights, and night image
-> long or short hair
hair and girl image Image removed
long hair.
-> picnic or nice restaurant
Inspiring Image on We Heart It beautiful, interesting, and photo image
nice restaurant.
-> invisible or mind read
mind, quotes, and words image aesthetic, book, and Dream image
read minds.
-> think before you talk or talk before you think
before, different, and meaning image quotes, red, and yellow image
deoends on who im talking to.
-> looks or personality
crazy, funny, and hilarious image Image by iiiiiiii

thank you for reading!
xoxo sophie <3