Good Afternoon

The fact that it is already almost August is pretty mind-boggling. It's even more mind-boggling that I will be 21 in October. It felt like it would take forever to reach 21 but here I am. The months just seem to come and go; however, I feel like I accomplished a lot this month. My bedroom is now a comfortable, cozy space for me to stay in, I bought a new planner so that I can plan my days out and set myself some goals, and I was able to work towards getting my vehicle repaired which should be in the process within the next few days. I feel like I am finally getting somewhere.

couple and love image

My boyfriend came down from D.C to spend some time with me for a few days. We ended up going to see The Lion King followed by getting some delicious noodles for dinner. We also went to an art museum and wrapped up our outing by making a stop at my favorite coffee shop. When we were leaving the coffee shop, it was pouring down raining! I haven't seen it rain that hard in a very very long time. Once the rain slowed down, we made a run to the car even though we both were still soaked wet by the time we got inside. My next move is for me to go and see him within the next few weeks. Today he told me that he wants to take me on a nice date. I am hoping that our date takes place in Alexandria.

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Although summer is flying by, I do look forward to the fall season. Spooky season has always been my favorite. I also can't wait to attend some fall-themed wine festivals. Halloween will forever by my favorite holiday.

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