Hi there!

This week the focus will be on Assignments and Exams.

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1. Assignments

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One important thing I learnt after my first essay was:

  • For the love of all things good, WRITE THE CITATION DOWN AS YOU GO ALONG.
  • REFERENCE EVERYTHING. Website, author, page number!

Trust me and my pain when I tell you you do not want to spend half your time trying to find where you read a certain argument or who said what. Its horrible!

Once I had to remove an important quote I was using in my essay because I couldn't find the page number! And maybe you're thinking, "Oh, Artemis, why didn't you just include it since it already has the name and/or the date? Besides who will know?" Nope, my friends! The university system takes plagiarism VERY seriously and I'd rather not be accused of a crime that I did not intent to commit and fail.

Let me remind you, you can get in trouble even if you unintentionally plagiarise due to not referencing correctly! Which is why its so important to find out the correct style of referencing your uni follows.

2. Exams

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Examinations will vary depending on your course. Some are 100% exam based while others are 50% coursework and 50% exams. For my major, I needed at least 40% in each of my modules and the final exam to pass.

Fortunately, even if you fail these you still have the opportunity to resit the exams/assignments at the end of summer and proceed into the next year.

So don't lose hope!

Just A Thought . . .

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Its better to try, than not to.

Thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful! I'll see you soon with a new article!

Love Artemis x