I hope you never know a heartbreak like mine. I hope it's never your destiny. Everybody's heart gets broken, it's how we grow. It's something you can't hide from. But I hope yours is the one that most people have. A heart broken by a lover gone, a lover not meant to be. So you can find comfort in the fact that you did once have love, even if it's now gone. I hope you don't get your heart broken by your family; your crazy mom - abusive dad - heartless sister - drugged up brother. By not having a family at all. Because some heartbreaks are easier to heal, I promise you that. They can be healed with the same kind of love from a different person, regardless of how long it takes. But the kind of heartbreaks that leave the hearts always broken - because they can only be fixed by the same people who broke them - those hearts are rarely if ever healed. And I hope you don't ever experience that. I hope you have a good heartbreak.