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I'm here today to introduce you to a new tag about fashion. This article should have been posted a few days ago, I faced some difficulties but it's never too late!

Let's get started!

1) Colourful or Neutral clothes?

It depends on my mood.

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2) Jeans or Sweatpants?

I mostly wear jeans.

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3) Shorts or Skirts?

In the summer I wear both shorts and skirts.

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4) Leggings or Yoga pants?

Yoga pants.

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5) Dungarees or Dresses?


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6) Tops or Shirts?


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7) Long or Short sleeve?

Long in the winter, short in the summer.

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8) Jackets or Coats?


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9) Sweaters or Hoodies?

I wear them both but oversized hoodies are the best.

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10) Colourful or Neutral underwear?

Most of my underwear are neutral but I also have some colourful.

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11) Lacy or Sport bra?

Most of the times I wear the lacy ones but I also have some sport bras.

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12) Denim or Leather?

I prefer denim for casual outfits and leather( fake of course, we love animals) sometimes for casual and also for more formal outfits.

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13) Sneakers or Heels?

On a daily basis I wear sneakers but I also wear heels in special occasions.

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14) Ankle or Over the knee boots?

I'm obsessed with over the knee boots.

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15) Sandals or Flip Flops?

I wear flip flops in the beach and sandals in general during the summer.

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16) Purse or Backpack?


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17) Rings or Bracelets?

I always wear my Pandora bracelet, so, I will say rings.

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18) Necklaces or Earrings?

I always wear earrings, so, I will say necklaces.

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19) Studs or Dangly earrings?

I always wear studs, so, I will say dangly.

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20) Dangly earrings or Hoops?


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21) Piercings or Tattoos?

I have many piercings but tattoos are sexy.

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