This is my first heartbreak story.

At the age of 21 I felt in love with someone who I thought could understand me, but now after the painful break up I realized how stupid I was and now I am learning from my mistakes.

Last year on 29th July I moved in with him and I was so very happy and in love. On Christmas day he proposed to me and of course I said yes because even when he had are fights I still loved him. However, everything changed in January when I heard and saw that he is writing to other girls so few weeks later he told me that he has been writing to one particular girl who he had a crush on and has been thinking about her. I guess he wasn't happy with me anymore and he wanted to move on to somebody else.

In March 2019 we broke up because I couldn't take this anymore all the lies he have told me such as he swore to me that he will never write to her again when we were in a relationship. He didn't even want my engagement ring back but as far I know he probably gave it to someone else.

The upsetting part of the break up was that he did not even felt sad and pity about it. I was even more furious to know from a friend of mine that he wrote to a girl that he had a crush on 3 days later after we broke up that he loves her. I guess he never really loved me at all. Few weeks later when I wrote to him, he basically told me to back off and to never write to him again.

Now I know that we were never supposed to be together at all and it was stupid of me not to listen to my closest friends and family that were all saying from the beginning that he is a jerk. Few months later I moved on and I am very happy, free and alive.