my one tree hill tag



favorite male character

one tree hill, boy, and Hot image lucas scott, one tree hill, and oth image
lucas scott

favorite female character

famous, one tree hill, and series image Temporarily removed
quinn james

favorite ships

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Temporarily removed lucas scott, one tree hill, and oth image

favorite friendships

one tree hill image one tree hill and oth image
brooke & peyton
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quinn, haley & brooke / clay & nathan

favorite season

one tree hill, austin nichols, and brooke davis image one tree hill image
season 7

favorite episodes

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6x23 | forever and almost always
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
9x13 | one tree hill

favorite quotes

gif image
adorable, gif, and oth image

favorite scenes

one tree hill and lucas scott image one, Quinn, and tree image
1x01 / 7x09

teenage years/adult years

brucas image Image removed

favorite character development

Image removed one tree hill, james lafferty, and nathan scott image
nathan scott

character I am most like

90s, actress, and blonde image 90s, actress, and blonde image
peyton sawyer

thank you for reading!
i miss one tree hill so much, it will always have a special place in my heart and will always be my favorite tv series <3