Heyyy! So I’ve made a lot of these but anyway, my fan fiction is linked below xoxo

Book 1: https://my.w.tt/1r5GP9lWBY

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name: Echo Wilson
age: 18 as of s3
D.O.B: 28th April 1969
Allias: 0016, E, psycho, hot-head, Queen bitch


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Echo is portrayed by this beautiful woman, camila Mendes


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Skintight singlets, bulky belts, mum jeans, fishnets, ripped graphic tee-shirts, docs, white sneakers, oversized jackets, she usually wears contacts, but some of the time she wears glasses.


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Echo is extroverted, extremely bitchy, scared of herself, struggling with anxiety and depression, and is rarely happy, but she’s funny, and kind (to certain people)


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Echo loves to bath, sing, party, and go for long drives, she also smokes way to much.


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Echo is friends with the party, Nancy, Jonathan, Robin and billy.


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Dustin and Steve are echos best friends.


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Steve and Echo were best friends since she escaped from the lab when she was 11, and she always loved him, and he didn’t realise he loved her until she dated an asshole.


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Tatiana and Derek are Echos biological parents, Tatiana and Derek were only 18 when she was born


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Echo gets adopted by Flora and Caleb, who are only 23, Floras sister, Kaya lives with them, and Caleb’s cousin, Reign lives with them as well.


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Echo can control Electrokinesis, atmokinesis, cyrokinesis, pyrokinesis and photokinesis, which practically means, she can make electricity fly out of her body, manipulate the weather, freeze things, set things on fire and make it disappear and balls of light which can be helpful for multiple things, when using her powers she floats into the air.