Hi! Today I am doing this "20 celebrity photo challenge". I hope you'll enjoy it! ♡

1. Your favorite band

little mix, black magic, and jesy nelson image little mix, perrie edwards, and jesy nelson image
Little Mix

2. The celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance

black and white, shawn mendes, and instagram image singer, shawn mendes, and instagram image
Shawn Mendes

3. The celebrity you would turn gay\lesbian for

kehlani, beautiful, and fashion image Queen, singer, and Tattoos image

4. Your favorite rapper

Animales, animals, and baby image crush, man, and mcm image

5. A celebrity you would love to have their hair

blonde, singer, and sabrina carpenter image sabrina carpenter, singer, and celebrity image
Sabrina Carpenter

6. Your favorite actor

handsome, sexy, and celebrities image celebrities, ryan gosling, and handsome image
Ryan Gosling

7. Your favorite actress

wow, girl, and pretty image Image removed
Saoirse Ronan

8. Favorite Disney star

miley cyrus, celebrity, and beauty image malibu and miley cyrus image
Miley Cyrus

9. Celebrity you would love to be best friends with

actress, beauty, and blue eyes image sadie sink and stranger things image
Sadie Sink

10. Your favorite songwriter

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed
Alessia Cara

11. The celebrity you would do anything to meet

beautiful, outfit, and instagram image beautiful, mirror, and instagram image

12. A celebrity whose concert you would love to go

beautiful, instagram, and blonde image fashion, singer, and anne-marie image

13. A celebrity who you would kiss in a movie scene

Image removed actor, Playboy, and tyler image
Tyler Blackburn

14. A celebrity you saw in concert
Sadly none :(

15. A celebrity whose voice you would love to have

Image removed new and demi lovato image
Demi Lovato

16. A celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own

sabrina carpenter, aesthetic, and sabrina image sabrina carpenter, style, and singer image
Sabrina Carpenter

17. A celebrity you would like to bring back to life

music, edm, and avicii image avicii and music image

18. A celebrity you would love to have dinner with

shay mitchell, actress, and pretty image beauty, girl, and gorgeous image
Shay Mitchell

19. A celebrity you would love to trade lives with

music, singer, and beautiful image beautiful, hairstyle, and ari image
Ariana Grande

20. A celebrity you would love to interview

billboard and troye sivan image troye sivan and award image
Troye Sivan
That's it for this tag article! Thanks a lot for reading it!
Have a nice day!
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