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Have you ever wondered what would happen if everything you ever loved was taken away from you? What if it is all because of a Goblet, a Goblet with a promise of immortality? This is exactly what happens to Emily as she gets kidnapped together with her brother, David, and sister, Elizabeth. It is this that catapults her into a metamorphosis where she is forced to grow up and find herself in the process. Escaping, she and her sister find refuge in a rather strange home with rather charming hosts. Things don't feel as they seem and Emily can feel that something is up, especially as she keeps hearing them mentioning a goblet, a goblet that seemed very important to them. She is forced to trust them as she doesn't see any other option but is unwilling to buy all that she is told. Will she be able to find her true voice, and discovers what it is about the goblet, that made it the center of their conversation? Can she learn to trust when everything around her can't feel further from the truth or will she be dragged into something she isn't ready for?

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