Hello, everyone! Today I’ll be teaching you a very common phrasing in conversational Korean. This includes poems, dramas, and songs - so I’m sure you have encountered this somewhere if you’re into Korean media. Let’s get into it!!

When you want to describe how something is done - in the same way as another action or remains in the same state as it is. (i.e. “Leave it as it is,” “Did you do as I told you?,” “I wrote down as I heard”

Past tense: -(으)ㄴ 대로
Present tense: -(느)ㄴ 대로

보다 - 본 대로 (the way/as you saw it) 보는 대로 (the way/as you see it)
하다 - 한 대로 (the way/as you did it) 하는 대로 (the way/as you do it)

아는 대로 just the way one knows

아는 대로 말해 주세요. Please tell me everything you know (just the way you know it)
아는 대로 쓰세요. Write what you know. (without changing anything)
말한 대로 just the way one said

제가 말한 대로 했어요? Did you do it as I said/the way I told you?
효진 씨가 말한 대로 했는데, 안 됐어요. I did as Hyojin said, but it didn’t work.
뜰은 대로 just like I heard

들은 대로 이야기해 주세요. Tell me exactly as you heard it.
들은 대로 잘 전달했어요. I delivered the message well. I passed on what I heard accordingly.

meaning ‘as soon as’ after a verb stem. → 도착하는 대로 전화해 주세요 (call me as you arrive)
(v.s.+(던) 대로) to talk about a past action that was repeated or wasn’t finished → 평소에 하던 대로 하세요. (do it in the way you’ve always done it)
이대로, 저대로, 그대로 → 이대로 (just the way it is now), 저대로 (just the way that (that over there) is now, 그대로 (just the way it is in general)
Noun + 대로 (following [noun], as the [noun] goes) → 제 말대로 just like I said, 예언대로 just as the prophecy said, 마음대로 just as your heart says
VERY POPULAR PHRASE → 마음대로 하세요 Do as you please. (could be sarcastic or genuine; the same meaning as English, but the literal meaning is like ‘do just as your heart says/desires’
This concept is a little bit difficult to get the grasp of, I’ll admit, but once you do, you can use it all the time! You can have much more natural conversations with natives and be able to recognise it in your favourite k-pop songs and say, “oh! I learned that from Taya’s Korean Study Blog!! Amazing” haha :)
I hope you all learned a lot and don’t be afraid of asking any pressing questions, I will reply as soon as possible!!

DISCLAIMER: This lesson was taken from TTMIK chapter 7 or 8 (I can’t remember). It is simply notes from my notebook and I am in no way claiming this lesson (wording and all) as my own. It is just a more condensed version and hopefully easier to understand version of the original. Thank you for understanding.