***hey babycakesssss~~~ how have you been? have you been doing well? i hope you have been, if not, i hope that whatever it is will pass and that you get through it. stay strong, keep shining. it’ll all be okay. anwaysss, today i made a post on important people in one’s life or like your family and added in some extras. i hope you enjoy~****

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People: 사람 [sa-ram]
Family: 가족 [ga-jok]
Parents: 부모 [boo-mo]
Parents (formal): 부모님 [boo-mo-nim]
Mother: 어머니 [eo-meo-ni]
Mom: 엄마 [eom-ma]
Father: 아버지 [a-beo-ji]
Dad: 아빠 [a-ppa]
Baby: 아기/애기/아가 [a-gi/ae-gi/a-ga]
Son: 아들 [a-deul]
Man: 남자 [nam-ja]
Younger sibling: 동생 [dong-saeng]
Younger brother: 남동생 [nam-dong-saeng]
Older brother [for girls] : 오빠 [o-ppa]
Older brother [for guys]: 형 [hyeong]
Brothers: 형제 [hyeong-je]
Boyfriend [for girls]: 오빠 [o-ppa]
Middle aged man: 아저씨 [a-jeo-sshi]
Daughter: 딸 [ttal]
Sister: 여동생 [yeo-dong-saeng]
Older sister [for girls]: 언니 [eon-ni]
Older sister [for guys]: 누나 [noo-na]
Sisters: 자매 [ja-mae]
Woman: 여자 [yeo-ja]
Young women: 아가씨 [a-ga-sshi]
Middle aged women: 아줌마 [a-joom-ma]
Aunt: 이모 [i-mo]
Uncle: 삼촌 [sam-cheon]
Cousin: 사촌 [sa-chon]
Grandfather: 할아버지 [ha-ra-beo-ji]
Grandmother: 할머니 [hal-meo-ni]
Husband: 남편/그이 [nam-pyeon/geu-i]
Wife: 아내/와이프 [a-nae/wa-i-peu]
*Bonus Petnames in korean: 자기야, 여보, 당신 [ja-gi-ya/yeo-bo/dang-shin] which are all variations of honey or darling ;)*****

Extras not in the family

King: 왕 [wang]
Queen: 여왕 [yeo-wang]
President: 대통령 [dae-tong-ryeong]
Neighbor: 이웃사람 [i-oot-sa-ram]
Child: 아이 [a-i]
Adult: 어린 [eo-rin]
Victim: 피해자 [pi-hae-ja]
Fan: 팬 [paen]
Crowd: 군중 [goon-joong]
Celebrity: 연예인 [yeon-ye-in or yeon-e-in for easier pronunciation]