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Lets continue with the method of birth hour and sideral hour

This method is a little bit old and is the first one i have learned. Because since 1916 the hours have been changed with summer-winter hour. Most of us we are born after 1945, so when we do the calculus we need to subtract 1h from our birth hour.

The following table shows the sideral hours according to the month and day you have been born:

Image by Kimiko
Image by Kimiko

Let me give you an example:

if i was born in 18th may at 00:25
sideral h: 15:38+
birth h: 00:25
=16:03 - 1h = 15:03
my ascendancy is Aquarius

DISCLAIMER: this is not proved to be 100% true but is one of the best ones
P.S.: Ill post another article with another method of knowing your ascendancy.

After the calculus you need to search in this final table:

0:34 - 3:16 ~Leo
3:17 - 6:00 ~Virgo
6:01 - 8:43 ~Libra
8:44 - 11:25 ~Scorpio
11:26 - 13:53 ~Sagittarius
13:54 - 15:42 ~Capricorn
15:43 - 17:00 ~Aquarius
17:01 - 17:58 ~Pisces
17:59 - 18:58 ~Aries
18:59 - 20:17 ~Taurus
20:18 - 22:08 ~Gemini
22:09 - 00:33 ~Cancer

Thank you for reading this article and if you need any help and suggestions about finding your ascendancy please DM me.
At more requests im gonna put the second method or/and some characteristics about the mixt zodiacs where your ascendancy doesnt match with your sigh under you have been born.

Have a nice day! ~~~ <3