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Hi people, today I'm here for a kind of unusual article, well, actually "If I were" is the format I do more often BUT a cat in the "The Aristocats" movie is the last I thought I would picture myself as.

When I found this article I thought it was indeed sort of weird, but then I realized it is actually pretty cute so I thought "why not?" and so here we are.
To @mlpfangirl30: Since nobody has done this before you, I intended to ask if it bother you first, but I couldn't message you 'cause we don't follow eachother, so I'll just hope you don't mind.

So, here we go!


Name: Claire

Age: 4 years

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Scat Cat
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Thomas O'Malley
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Born an aristocat, she ended up in a street when she was almost two years old, for the couple that owned her had a baby who turned out allergic. A few months later she met Scat Cat and his band, having heard a very catching music coming from an abandoned building. She joined the band and Scat Cat became like an older brother to her.

Love Interest:

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Charles, an aristocat. Claire goes see him often and they love spending time together, but she doesn't dare confessing how she feels, nor she would leave Scat Cat and her street friend after all they've done for her when she was alone.


And this is it, dearies! I don't know if this was of your appeal, but I had pretty much fun doing it ^^
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