What Is Electromagnetic Frequency?
Electromagnetic Frequency or EMF is sometimes called Electromagnetic Field. All EMF emit different levels of electromagnetic radiation. Radiation is actually a form of energy that is all around us and can be formed and emitted naturally or emitted from human-made objects. It can take the form of radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, and gamma rays. The stronger the frequency, the higher the radiation emitted.

Natural Electromagnetic Frequency
Electromagnetic frequency or fields exist in our environment but are invisible to the human eye. Commonly known EMF of this type is the build-up of electrical charge in the atmosphere due to a thunderstorm. The earth’s magnetic field will always make a compass needle point North.

Human-Made Electromagnetic Frequency
A lot of the EMF generated today is from human-made sources. The electricity that courses almost everywhere in the world right up to the sockets in our homes; the X-ray machines employed at hospitals; TVs, radios, and other Wi-Fi enhanced appliances; the billions of mobile phones used by more than half of the world’s population; and the Wi-Fi employed by many companies.

Electromagnetic Radiation
EMF radiation is non-ionising. The radiation emanated from the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to microwaves etc., do not themselves produce chemical and biological damage. However, these radiations are absorbed through anything they encounter or pass through.

It must be made clear that whether radiation is coming from low-frequency waves or radio frequencies, all EMF emit wavelengths that can pose different levels of health risks if the objects emitting EMF are held close to the body for long periods. Thus, the need for EMF protection .

Mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi devices, broadcast towers, electrical security systems, and the like can pose a significant health risk because these come into human contact frequently and for extended periods. Cell phone towers operate in the range of microwaves, necessitating the need for EMF protection.

What Is The Real Danger From EMF?
The processes of the human body are regulated by bioelectrical signals. In fact, cells in the body communicate by EMF. However, extended exposure to artificial EMF can cause the radiation to enter the body and interfere with the natural processes of how the body works. This can affect any system in the human body, from its DNA to its immune system to its sleep cycles.

EMF Protection
All this doesn’t mean one needs to stop using electronic and electrical gadgets and revert to the Medieval period. There is a way to protect against EMF and its harmful radiation through EMF protection.

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