Electromagnetic frequency or EMF is a kind of radiation energy that is emitted from different wave frequencies such as radio waves, microwaves, etc. Radiation emissions range from low to high, depending on the human-made object. However, constant exposure to such radiation for an extended period may result in health hazards. This is because as the EMF radiation passes through the human body, the EMF can affect the bioelectrical signals that regulate the processes in the body and its cells.

In a 2005 study conducted by the Department of Medicine, University of Chicago, “RF fields at 2.45 GHz can alter gene expression in cultured human cells through non-thermal mechanism.” 2.45 GHz is the normal daily telecommunications exposure of humans to such things as Wi-Fi and mobile phones. A two-hour exposure altered 221 gene expressions. A 6-hour exposure altered 759.

Wi-Fi, mobile phones, some cordless phones, some wireless baby monitors, and microwave ovens have a frequency of 2.45 GHz. Imagine being in a home, school, or office surrounded by all these objects, each emitting 2.45 GHz. The analogy is like being inside a microwave oven. So, in the simplest of terms, being in a microwave oven means getting cooked like food. This is what EMF is doing to the human body and the brain.

Classroom EMF Environment
Imagine being in a classroom or school laboratory filled with EMF emitting devices such as Wi-Fi, computers, etc. Remember that a child’s skull is thinner, and some tissues, including the bone marrow and eye can absorb more radiation. Children and young teens are more sensitive to EMF radiation and their stem cells are still developing and more active, and therefore more affected by EMF radiation. Couple this with children and young teens exposed continuously to EMF radiation from constant use of their mobile phones, and you get the picture.

But the solution isn’t to take away their phones or laptops and send the children back to the Renaissance Period. All that is needed is the right kind of protection, such as Blushield EMF protection.

Blushield Technology
For the best Blushield EMF protection, Blushield Active EMF Protection overrides ambient EMF and also prevents the body from responding to the hazardous radiation. Instead, the body responds with the fields emanating from the Blushield device. Blushield technology is the catalyst that neutralises all harmful EMF at the cellular level. It utilises a pulse/pause cycle technology that makes the body resilient to EMF.For the best Blushield EMF protection or to learn more about Blushield and electromagnetic frequency, visit the website of Donna Fisher at https://scalarwavetech.wpengine.com/.