I just really love making fictional characters.

Name: Isleen
Nickname: Ice

ae, aesthetic, and hand image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed ae, aesthetic, and map image


Mature image hair, girl, and grey image tattoo, moon, and sun image eyes, girl, and beauty image
Brown skin,hazel eyes,sun/moon tattoo, grey hair (naturally black)


girl, bad, and quotes image classy, did, and die image alternative, bad, and cartoon image girl, quotes, and bad image
Actually really sweet and kind yet has a mean side.Catches people of guard with her personality. Unpredictable.


fashion, black, and style image aesthetic, black, and emo image fashion, red, and outfit image black clothes, female, and girl image fashion, black, and dress image body, chic, and dress image
Chic all black look with a touch of red. Gloves in case she wants to get her hands a bit dirty.


gold, luxury, and mercedes image Mature image
Not much of a weapon person but when provoked won't hesitate to shoot a bullet or two.


Temporarily removed aesthetic and hacker image crime and investigation image aesthetic, attractive, and beauty image
She specializes in manipulating/seducing both men and women. Tracking and researching are her other impressive skills.


bad, black, and decisions image black, gloves, and man image Temporarily removed quotes, remember, and inspiration image Image removed cards, photography, and poker image
Mateo;20;6'1,complete opposite of Isleen. Cold yet a big softy but only around Isleen. He's more into fighting and killing. They met in Berlin when they we're both tracking the same fugitive.