Hey my babes! So I recently posted a makeup and beauty fails to avoid part 1, and said if it reached 150 hearts, I would post a part 2! Well, it did, so here is part 2, enjoy! I hope you can maybe learn from if not some, at least one of my fails. Also enjoy some of my storytimes.

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1) Putting Foundation/ Concealer on top of dry skin.
Storytime: So I have really dry skin on my nose from using a lot of blackhead masks, and when I apply foundation on, it turns into a cracked, dry, gross mess. Once I was just talking with my friends and one of them pointed out there was something on my nose. I used my fingers and was searching my nose and felt the crusty skin and peeled it off. When I looked in my phone camera, my nose looked so bad! The foundation was half gone and spotty, the dry skin was flaking, and I was so embarrassed. I could've gone the whole day like that!
TIPS ON HOW TO AVOID: Moisturize your skin and prime before applying makeup. If you have dry skin, it may be a sign you are washing your face too much with harsh washes. Some acne or blackhead washes dry out skin, so opt for every other day, or cut back. Also, keep a small lotion, makeup remover, and concealer in your bag or locker if you need to touch upon a flaky mess. Also, exfoliators are amazing!!

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2) Wearing White Jeans While Eating A Messy Food
Storytime: Ok so it was my 16th birthday, which was on a school day. My mom told me she would bring me my favorite teryaki chicken and rice bowl for lunch, since I didn't have a lunch pass at the time. She brought it and I was so excited. I was pouring on the teryaki sauce on, and some of it splattered on my white jeans! I had a brown, sticky spot in the front of my jeans, and I had to run to the restroom to try to clean it off. Some of the color faded, but some also smeared.
TIPS ON HOW TO AVOID: This one is pretty self explanatory. If you are aware you are going to eat saucy, messy food, or if you are on your period, don't wear white pants, especially if you don't have backup clothes. TIP: keep a backup outfit in your locker or backpack at school, it could be a simple t-shirt and leggings, in case you have an accidnent or spill on yourself! ALSO: keep a tide pen stain remover in your bag or locker, because it helps a LOT! It helps remove food stains, blood, ink, makeup, etc.

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3) Adding on too much fake eyelash glue & wearing CHEAP fake eyelashes
storytime: I am a dancer and also on my high school varsity competition teams. For competitions, we are required to wear fake eyelashes. I always wear the same brand, which isn't too expensive, but not cheap, but they are great quality. However, one competition day was really early. I had to be there at 7 am, but it was an hour away and it was raining UP A STORM! So we had to leave the house around 5 am. I couldn't find my regular fake eyelashes, so I had to just grab these cheap $2 H&M lashes I had for a backup. I did all my makeup at home, except for my fake eyelashes. So when I got to the competition, the eyelashes would NOT STICK. They were wilting and falling apart. I was trying to add more glue, more glue, hoping they would stick, but they were HORRIBLE. My mom was trying to help me and the glue was dripping, where it got in my eye. I had to use water and a wipe to clean the glue out of my eye, and it ruined my eye makeup. Mascara, eyeshadow, liquid liner, concealer, primer, EVERYTHING. Then I had to quickly reapply my makeup and just had to pile on the mascara.
TIP ON HOW TO AVOID: So don't buy super cheap fake eyelashes if you need some. I'm not saying to buy $100 ones, just get a decent pair around $10, and take care of them, because you can reuse them around 2-3 times! Also, don't add too much glue... add a thin and even layer that covers the entire lash rim.

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4) Using Bath & Body/ PINK Lotions For my Skin
Storytime: So I'm not bashing bath and body products, I love them, especially their candles and hand sanitizers! But I found that whenever I use their body lotions, they don't really work effectively to moistrize and nourish my skin. Same with PINK body products. They smell AMAZING and look super cute, but they weren't giving me the best, soft results. This is my experience, they may work for you!
Tips: Use more skincare dermatologist certified brands. I love CeraVe. I've been using it every day for around 2 months and my skin is softer and has way fewer bumps!

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