hey guys! I'm absolutely in love with musicals, so here are a few underrated songs I love from musicals!

'our last summer'

mamma mia image
mamma mia!


music, musicals, and wicked image

'without love'

hairspray and musical image

'rewrite the stars'

zendaya, zac efron, and the greatest showman image
greatest showman

'summer lovin''

grease, musicals, and summer lovin image

'santa fe'

music, musicals, and santa fe image

'lay all your love on me'

mamma mia, music, and musicals image
mamma mia!

'other side'

music, musicals, and zac efron image
greatest showman


america, musicals, and west side story image
west side story

'there are worse things I could do'

grease, girl, and movie image

hope you liked this article! :)
<3 amber