heyy guyss. this month i've discovered a lot of songs for some reason so i decided to share them with you.

most of them have the same vibe, it's what i've been into lately, i don't know the exact genre lol. enjoy.

Image by sunlittaeil
✥ purpleworld - olivia o'brien
✥ inhibition (omw) - olivia o'brien
✥ prom dress - mxmtoon
90s and aesthetic image house, grunge, and blue image
✥ buttercup - jullian, sophie wood
✥ dennis - roy blair
✥ bookstore girl - charlie burg
Playboy, aesthetic, and magazine image aesthetic, eyes, and jewelry image
✥ waves (remix) - chloe moriondo
✥ cancer - twenty one pilots
✥ three wishes - the pierces
nature, aesthetic, and flowers image aesthetic, pastel, and pink image
✥ i always wanna die (sometimes) - the 1975
✥ psychotic kids - yungblud
✥ me & you - little stranger
aesthetic, alternative, and gif image


check them out, they're all worth it.

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byeee xx