if i could have anything in the world, i would go back to you and i would do whatever you said again and i would become bad like you. but i don't really want to become bad like you. i just have so much i want to give to you everyday. and i have so much that i need from you. i don't think you understand this because our hearts aren't the same, but i literally chose you. like you were the one i decided to be with. you made my heart so happy, even when i just saw the jacket that you wore when we went on that date. that's just because my world is so small and you were like the one that i had heard about in movies and stuff but i would never be able to have. maybe you don't understand the way my heart was everyday. it was so filled with love and joy for you. and it was so full of patience for you. did you even know that? i think you did in a way. so why did you do this to me? my life is just so dead without you. my life is so on hold without you. im not gonna be able to get rid of love easily. the cops and your family have seen everything you've done now. i think this means that you'll change, hopefully. because this wouldn't have happened to me and you if God didn't want to give you another chance to learn to be good. you're gonna be in that place that's real but always asleep. and you will always be in my mind somewhere even when i think im over it and when ive learned to be better again, because that's just how my heart works