How often do you lie?

Big lies? Never unless its like sneaking out without my parents knowing. I used to be afraid of the truth but now its all I speak.

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Honesty or loyalty?

For me, being honest comes with loyalty. If you were loyal to me, you'd be honest with me, And frankly... I don't want your "loyalty" if all you do is lie.

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On a scale from 1-10, how honest are you?

It depends with you. With my friends I'm always honest: 10. With my family, I'd say its like an 8. I listen to my parents but I don't tell them everything.

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Do you always say what you really think?

Again, it depends. I don't blurt out rude comments or be overly blunt, but if people ask me what I think, I'll give them an honest answer.

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Have you ever lied to your parents?

Of course. We've all done it one way or the other. I don't lie about horrible things.

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Have you ever stolen anything?

Yeah, but I was only a kid and my mom made me return it. [I wanted to get her a present haha.]

If you were a different person, would you be interested in befriending someone like yourself?

I was actually thinking about this the other day and based on how I carry myself in school and my posts on social media... I'd 100% want to befriend myself.

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Have you ever pretended to be someone's friend but you actually weren't?

No, but I have been nice to people that I don't like.

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Can you keep a secret?

Yes. With the exception of telling my internet best friend. And my mom.

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Do you think you're a trustworthy person?

More than most, but I don't trust people easily and I'm almost never vulnerable with anyone.

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Is it hard for you to admit that you were wrong?

It depends on what it's about. If its factual, then I don't mind. However, if its on a decision I've made or something then it might be a little difficult but eventually I reflect.

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Why is honesty important?

Honesty is the most important thing to me because it prevents people from getting hurt and prevents me from wasting my energy on someone/something. You can't have friendship without honesty, you can't have loyalty without honesty, and you can't have trust without honesty. So, if you ask me, honesty ties all of us together. Even when it hurts.

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