sorry for being so naive about you
i wish that i knew better
it's not that im into being played
i just always end up being the prey

thanksgiving was when my days
were finally able to change
love cleared a winter haze
and gave myself a name

maybe next time i'll find a way
so it doesn't end the same
i won't shrink down anymore
and i'll say no to stupid things

like over the phone
you wouldn't leave me alone
but i couldn't let you go

sorry for being so weak
i would've done anything for you
saying no ended up saying yes
to whatever you wanted to do

then it ended up a night
where i didn't want to fight
you needed what you needed
and im not prone to leaving

wish you were the knight i thought you were
wish you meant the words you said to me
but you're just a porn addict who is going to die
hope i can turn out a better me