So basically was inspired by this article up here↑ definitely check that one out after mine :)


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My style is basically pastel and girly mostly inspired by japanese kawaii culture and i stay away from black as much as possible

A colour

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An animal

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Meerkats have a special place in my heart♥


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My absolute favorite food is sushi i could have it everyday. I also really love any kind of seafood and pasta. Oh and cheesecake is a must have dessert


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Musical theatre is definitely my biggest passion, but along with that i also have a great love for music. Also art (whether it be painting, art journaling, making minitures, ect.) and blackout poetry


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So when I'm not in rehearsal I really do try to be productive but of course motivation goes to hide while procrastination takes over. I'm also trying to practice self love but sometimes its hard for me

_ Personality_

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I am a pretty happy,bubbly person, but then I also have a really dark sense of humor. I try to make everyone happy and give kindness to people because I didn't get any so i just want people to experience kindness given off from another person :)

Dreams and goals

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Become a Broadway actress, lose weight, have my own house, and to truly love myself


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Surprisingly i really love to read and I love "It's Kind Of A Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini. Also some of my other favorite books are Paper Towns by John Green, Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds, and Milk And Honey by Rapi Kaur


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I love me a good musical ;) {Chicago, Newsies (2017), La La Land, and Into The Woods}

TV shows

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The Office, CSI, Riverdale (although it has gone down hill, I just watch it for shits and giggles now), and Cardcaptor Sakura


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Although my music preferences change almost every second i always love showtunes and music from like the 70's-90's. Some of the artists I'm loving at the moment though is Dodie Clark and Billie Eilish


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I hoped you liked finding out a little bit more about me and of course have a great day :)