eye colour

makeup image


fear, of, and snakes image

tea or coffee

tea, drink, and lemon image

favorite colour

rose gold, gold, and aesthetic image beautiful, blue, and flower image Temporarily removed aesthetic, beige, and chic image
rose, purple, baby blue & beige

favorite singers/bands

the weeknd, grunge, and concert image charli xcx image Temporarily removed yung lean image
The Weeknd, Charli XCX, Paperi T & Yung Lean

introvert or extrovert

exhausted, introvert, and mental health image quotes, mind, and people image


disney, frozen, and elsa image domination, intelligent, and introvert image fi, intuitive, and se image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


Temporarily removed book, beach, and summer image tumblr, grunge, and computer image aesthetic, edgy, and grunge image
frisbee golf, reading, nerd things & music

dogs or cats

dog, dogs, and puppy image
dogs <3

Are you usually early or late?

Queen, quotes, and Late image
unfortunately late

Would you rather live in a place where it’s always raining or a place where the sun never goes down?

sun, yellow, and wallpaper image flowers, travel, and summer image girl, glitter, and aesthetic image Image removed
in a place where the sun never goes down