Hey people, these are my favorite characters,
hope you like it <3

*Brooklyn 99
*Money Heist
*Stranger Things
*That 70s Show
*The Rain
*The 100
*The Society

Jake Peralta

hair, aesthetic, and boy image ray holt image Brooklyn, city, and new york image Temporarily removed andy samberg, guy, and Hot image Temporarily removed
Brooklyn 99

Amy Santiago

aesthetic and a+ image fashion, style, and outfit image police image map, new york, and aesthetic image brown hair, female, and girl image meme, reaction, and brooklyn nine-nine image
Brooklyn 99


red and clothes image Temporarily removed girl, grunge, and black image ًًًًًًًًًًًًً and worry bout that money image
nairobi, netflix, and la casa de papel image
Money heist


Temporarily removed Mature image light, neon, and ciao bella image boy, eyebrows, and brown image alternative, black, and dark image intelligence image
Money Heist

Steve Harrington

nail, nike, and baseball image food, ice cream, and inspiration image stranger things and beer image car and city image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Stranger Things

Will Beyers

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed stranger things image and, brunette, and eyes image stranger things and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
Stranger Things

Jackie Burkhart

fashion and style image Image removed Temporarily removed Abba, clothes, and music image pink, vintage, and telephone image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
That 70s show

Steven Hyde

that 70s show image car image brownies and pot image Temporarily removed led zeppelin, that 70s show, and hyde image crimson, indie, and red image
That 70s Show

Chandler Bing

Temporarily removed sarcasm, quotes, and original image Temporarily removed city and nyc image friends, chandler bing, and Matthew Perry image quotes image

Monica Geller

Image by clementine monica, friends, and monica geller image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 feminine, romance, and veil image fashion, style, and boots image Image by Wendy


rain, nature, and photography image aesthetic image Image by thewalkingshady grunge, future, and quotes image Temporarily removed quotes, aesthetic, and survive image
The Rain

Bellamy Blake

hands, dirty, and aesthetic image boy, back, and freckles image the 100 and bellamy blake image life, sad, and truth image Temporarily removed the 100, bellamy blake, and octavia blake image
The 100

Raven Reyes

fire, girl, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed black widow, computer, and hacker image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, quotes, and feminism image

Grizz Visser

autumn, flannel, and shirt image plants image interview, pretty boy, and wallpaper image kiss, kissed, and quotes image art, book, and books image Temporarily removed
The Society

Kelly Aldrich

space helmet the100 raven image hair, fashion, and classy image quote, lifequote, and milkandhoney image study, doctor, and medicine image kelly aldrich, the society, and kristine froseth image aesthetic, alternative, and vintage image
The Society

Elle Tomkins

Image by tenderlygirl quotes, sad, and tumblr image ae, aestethics, and the elite image eye, eyes, and blue image apples, cozy, and fall image quotes, fault, and sad image
The Society

With Love, Amanda