He has always been there.
My story is my message... I've lived for almost 19 years and He is still the best choice that I made.
I know how it hurts to feel unwanted,unloved,to get rejected by the ones you think are the most important persons in your life. I know how hard it is to find an acceptance. I didn't even accept myself. So I started working so hard to prove peo^le that i do matter, that i'm not meaningless. And I failed after each try. And I tried again and again(even now sometimes I do it) . Then I met Him, named Jesus Christ, He told me that I am loved, that I do matter for someone unconditionnaly. He made me realize, that even if I'm the worst person in that planet, I'm still important for him. It's not a matter of how many sins did I do in my life, He came for the sinners, for you, for me. No matter how wrong, lost, hurt you are. Time is now. He has saved you by dying for your sins at the cross , just waiting for you to believe in Him.
I tasted and I dont regret.