Hi ladies! Lately, I have been trying to figure out what my fashion style is and I got to thinking that maybe other girls don't necessarily know what their style is too. I did some searching and here are some tips that I thought would help define your style.

1. Know Your Body Type
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The first thing to know is what your body type is. This will help you know what kind of clothes will or will not work with your body.

Types of body shapes:

1. Pear
2. Apple
3. Rectangle
4. Hourglass
5. Inverted Triangle

There are lots of different websites that can help determine what body shape you are. Just because you don't have a body shape that you wanted, work with what you got.
2. Understand Your Personality
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Are you shy? Outgoing? Nice? Find what kind of personality you have to help you determine your style.
Write down a list of words to describe your personality and see if your style reflects your personality. For example, someone who is laidback and easygoing would have a casual comfy style while an outgoing person might like to dress up more.
3. What Colors Inspire You?
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Colors can have a huge role in your style and how they affect your mood. If you're happy then you would pick a bright color like yellow or if your feeling down then you might choose a black hoodie.
Make sure to have the basic clothing items such as neutrals but if you don't wear a lot of colors try adding in a pop of color into your outfit.
4. Make a Style Board
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When you are out shopping or just casually out somewhere and you see something that you like, take a picture of it. Take note of what kind of styles interest you.
An easy way to do this is to make a style board on Pinterest or make a collection on WHI and just start collecting pictures of outfits you like. Eventually, you will see a pattern and know what kind of styles interest you.
5. Be Critical of Your Current Wordrobe
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Time to be honest to yourself. What clothes do you not wear anymore? What clothes make you feel uncomfortable? How many were mistakes? Which clothes make you happy?
Take some time to sort through your clothes and the ones you don't want you can sell or donate them. There may be pieces that are great but don't work for your body type or your style. If you don't want to get rid of them then you can store them away until later.
6. Make Sure if You Buy Something New It FITS You!
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Don't you just hate when you see something that's your style and your size but when you try it on it's a little too tight. Well I know we have all done this and bought the piece anyways thinking it doesn't matter. Don't buy it!
Buying a clothing item that does not fit your body will not look good. Be aware of any sales and make you the item fits you properly if you like it. Of course, there are occasions where it's ok to have something oversized like a sweater.
7. Keep a Note Book of Your Outfits or Take Pictures
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This can help you understand what clothes you already own that make you feel comfortable and that you would wear again.
If you felt amazing in an outfit to write down what you were wearing and take a picture to put next to it that way you can recreate it. When taking pictures this can help you identify what outfits work and didn't work for you.
8. Identify Components of Your Style and Only Follow Trends When They Fit Your Style
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Although it's nice to follow what is trending you should only go with what trends suit your style. Try and wait for a certain trend and then buy a couple of pieces.
I know a lot of people what to wear what celebrities are wearing but buying those items can be a waste of money if it does not fit your style. Instead, find a celebrity that resembles your style and get inspiration from them.
9. Get the Basics for Your Style!
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Although the above tips are much clearer to understand, you need to determine the basic essentials necessary for your style.
These basics will be different for everybody but though your collections of pictures and see what essentials are necessary for your look.
10. Make your Style With The Right Statement Pieces and Accesories
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Once you have the basics of your style look for some statement pieces and accessories that are unique to you.
Accesories are easier to play around with and easier to be creative with them. Invest in a good pair of shoes and the perfect handbag for your style. Finding the perfect accessories can become part of your signature style. Something that can define you.

Thank you for reading my article! I hope that this can help you find your style. Check out some of my other articles below. Have a good day. ~ Chelseannerose