A trip to school was a mission in it self. "Smile. Say hi. Don't freak. Walk tall..ect,ect..." Rules would replay in her head over and over again.
Looking herself in the mirror she would see there was nothing special about her. Long wavy brown hair, fair face and big brown eyes hidden behind framed glasses. She was like many girls her age that didn't deem themselves beautiful...when they actually were. She was a rare stone amongst gems. She just didn't see it because in her world, if you weren't like everyone else, you were nothing.

That day she decided to wear her cream cardigan with a black floral dress underneath. It simple, yet pretty, just like her. She let out a deep long sigh.

"Another day. I can get through another day." A repetitive thought that played in her head as she went her way to school.

She wasn't bullied. Far far from it. She was friendly, kind, inspirational when needed to to her peers, smart. She would rather spend her days behind books rather than be at the hottest party of the year. Would she go if she were ever invited? Mostly like not. But...would she like to get invited. Yes.

She was shy. Sometimes not talking in class if she wasn't spoken too. "What if they think I'm trying to much? What if I come across as weird rather than cool? What if...What if...What if..." She was her worst enemy. She decided to spend her high school years involved in clubs. She saw it as a great way to meet new peers, learn new things, and definitely not spend lunch alone.
She'd glance at the girls in their tight jeans and crop tops. The bodies that catch the eye of the opposite sex.
Boys. She'd read novels of the guy getting the girl and the stories of unlikely romances. Those stories were all like a dream come true...but what the stories failed to tell was how difficult it was in real life. High school boys wanted to the popular pretty girls. Some wanted the party goers, others like the foul mouthed tough, confident chic, others the 4.0 gpa, Harvard girl....she was neither...she was just her.

Maybe being homecoming queen was never going to happen to her. Sure she would go through high school without ever attending a party, or ever touching alcohol or drugs. She definitely believed to save sex for marriage, so that was out of the question. She was never going to be the popular girl....but in all reality she was okay with it.
As she walked down the halls to her locker she flashed smiles at students she knew from class or clubs....a new ability she decided to work on rather than looking straight to the ground. She decided to work with what she had, and her first step was to be more approachable if not social.

"I love your dress!"
"Hey girl, what you think of the homework for Smith?"
"Would you mind helping me in class?"
"Hey whats up!"

Greetings were shot to her left and right. Sure she didn't have the clique that many kids had, or was she the most popular, but she liked this. She like the simple civil greetings. She would hear girls talk about girls...and let's just say they were not the nicest comments. She always thought, "I never ever want to be that kind of person. I'd rather be thought of shy than a horrible skank." And that's what she did.

Okay, so sometimes she would avoid eye contact. No one said she was perfect, it is something she's working on. What else is she supposed to do when the head quarterback of the football team locks eyes with you? He had so many girls after him, and has dated half the school most likely. Why on earth would a boy like that even stare at a girl like her? Simple, geeky, hipster, God girl. She was totally not on the same planet as he was.

True she wasn't...but that's exactly why he was staring. Because amongst these roses, she was a sunflower.

"Hey dude, you're staring at that girl again."