Hello there, this is my first article. First of all I want to thank my followers for the 6,8K. I love y'all ❤ Now I introduce myself, enjoy the reading.

Things to know about me:

I am an Italian girl, from the southern coast of Sicily

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I have long wavy and brown hair, with lighter natural shades in the tips

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My eyes are brown

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My favourite color is red.

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By definition, red is the color of fire and passion, an expression of power and joy, but also danger and blood, anger and envy. In Ancient Egypt the red (called "DeSheR") could be considered beneficial when it was a symbol of the creation of the human body, which was supposed to have originated from a mixture of inert clay and blood but was connoted in an evil way when it was associated with aridity fiery of the desert.
Red is also the color of desire and sexuality par excellence, strength, great personality and self-confidence and victory. Red has been paired with Mars, the god of war and the red planet, due to its aggressive nature and its association with blood.

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red is the good and evil together


One of my favourite hobbies is playing the violin. I play it since I was about 11 years old, now I'm 20 but the passion for music has remained

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Another hobby I have is to travel as much as possible, both in Italy and abroad, especially during summer

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I also like sports

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football and dancing

And hanging out with my friends, drinking and having fun

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I love red roses, they are my favorite flowers

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I believe that in this society we need to protect and defend every kind of diversity and fight for our rights

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we are all human in our diversity

Thank you for reading and for your time🌹 -Alex.