1. consider shopping in both the men's and women's sections

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you will often be surprised with the good finds while doubling the possibility of finding something cute!

2. if a shirt looks too big, crop it once you get home for a diy look and better fit

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this looks especially good with polos and collared shirts! ・ᴗ・

3. look for tees with vintage prints or aesthetic brands

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i recommend nautica jeans, lacoste, tommy hilfiger, guess jeans, levi jeans, champion or any old movies/stores.

4. find long sleeve shirts and turtlenecks to layer under tee shirts

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striped shirts under tee shirts is the e girl brand! it's best to get colors that match with most of your tees (like white, black, and red).

5. look for dupes of popular (and often overpriced) brands

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brands like minga and unif often list sweaters from $40-$100. if you care more about the look then the brand, then i suggest searching for lookalikes in your local thrift store and saving lots of $$$ in the long run!

6. shop patiently

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you won't always find what you're looking for on the first try. there are some days where you won't find anything good and others where you find a bunch of steals! keep trying and keep thrifting.

well i hope these tips help you save money and find some sweet clothes!
this is my second article since my first article did pretty well ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
thanks for the support and keep on hearting my articles.