Inspired by

1. favorite band

concert, live performance, and music image band, boy, and indie image
The 1975

2. celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance

timothee chalamet, actor, and black and white image Image removed
Thimothee Chalamet...I'm in love with his smile

3. celebrity you would turn lesbian for

kendall jenner, model, and make up image kendall jenner, fashion, and model image
Kendall how can you be that pretty

4. favorite actress

actress, cast, and celebrities image lily james image
Lily James

5. first crush

bandana, black and white, and young image camp rock, funny, and nick jonas image
Nick Jonas: Introducing me will always be in my heart

6. celebrity who you would like to kiss in a movie scene

actor, boy, and film image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Ansel Elgort

7. celebrity you would like to trade lives with

claudia sulewski image claudia sulewski image
Claudia Sulewski

8. favorite disney star

Temporarily removed selena gomez and selenators image
Selena Gomez

9. celebrity you would love to be best friends with

aesthetic, free spirit, and summer image david dobrik, smile, and youtube image
Khalid and David Dobrik

10. favorite song writer

breach, lewis, and capaldi image rap, nekfeu, and ken samaras image
Lewis Capaldi and Nekfeu (he is a french rapper)

11. celebrity you would like to bring back to life

mac miller and tattoo image mac miller and circles image
Mac Miller...♡

12. celebrity from favorite tv show

max, stranger things, and sadie sink image sadie sink and stranger things image
Sadie Sink - Stranger Things

13. celebrity you would do anything to meet

Image by Lola Temporarily removed
Harry Styles and FINNEAS

14. celebrity whose concert you would love to go to

goals, music, and pop image beyoncé, concert, and black image
Queen B

15. celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own

fashion and kelsey simone image chic, fashion, and jewelry image
Kelsey Simone

16. celebrity whose voice you would love to own

jorja smith, girl, and pretty image singer, woman, and jorja smith image
Jorja Smith...would like to have her face too

17. celebrity i have seen in concert

concert, ed sheeran, and divide tour image twenty one pilots and josh dun image amazing, canada, and festival image rihanna, riri, and black and white image
♡Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots, KYGO, Rihanna and do many more♡

18. celebrity you would like to interview

celebrities, music, and musician image celebrities, music, and musician image
Lewis Capaldi because I want to know where he bought his glasses

19. celebrity you would invite for dinner

david dobrik and vlog squad image Image removed
The Vlog Squad

20. celebrity who you think is a role model

Image by 0229 icon, icons, and st image
Emma Watson and Millie Bobby Brown