1. What is your name?

2. When is your birthday?

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I was born on 29th June 1996. Currently I am 23 years old.

3. Where do you come from?

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I was born in Poland but at the age of 9 I moved to England where I live now for nearly 15 years.

4. What is your favourite genre of music?

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My favourite genre of music is pop, alternative rock and classical. My favourite artist is Lana Del Rey, Coldplay,K-Flay and Taylor Swift.

5. What is your favourtie colour?

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My favourtie colour is purple and blue.

6. Are you single?

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Yes I am single but I am healing from a painful heartbreak.

7. Do you have a dog?

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Yes I do and his name is Max(That pic is not my dog)

8. Do you have Tumblr?
Yes and you are all welcome to follow me if you want.

9. Do you prefer Summer or Winter?

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I love Summer because this season brings me joy and happiness.

10. What is your favourite tv show?

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My favourite tv show is Stranger Things, Pretty Little Liars, Killing Eve and Doctor Who