If you're wondering where I got the questions from :

1. If you could only speak 1 word today , what would you say ?

Okay , because I feel it suits everything somehow.

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2. What is the stupidest thing you've ever done because someone dared you to ?

I actually just cut my hair two days ago really short because my brother thought I couldn't do it.

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3. What Is In Your Fridge Right Now ?

Unfortunately nothing :(.

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I'm craving KFC rn.
4. What part of the human face is your favorite ?

The eyes , I love eye contact even though it really scares me. And kinda the mouth cause I love seeing other people smile and laugh <3

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5. Do You Dance Crazy When No One Is Looking ?

I do , even though I suck at it & would never do it in front of anyone.

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6. Youโ€™ve Been Given An Elephant. You Canโ€™t Get Rid Of It. What Would You Do With It ?

I love this question ! I LOVE elephants and i kinda do not like cars so like , transportation :)

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7. Is There An App That You Hate But Use Anyways ?

I don't hate snapchat but I don't like taking pictures that much so I just use it when my friends text me

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8. When Scrolling Through Social Media, Do You Prefer Posts From Celebrities Or From Your Best Friends ?

Celebrities , cause Teaaaaaaaaaaa , plus my friends and I have the most boring life so we barely post anything.

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we do have an easy life.
9. If You Were Home On A Rainy Sunday Afternoon, What Movie Would You Most Want To See On Television ?

A Walk To Remember , Helen

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10. If You Had The Worldโ€™s Attention For 30 Seconds, What Would You Say ?

I wouldn't say anything because it wouldn't matter , no one's gonna listen anyways.

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so that's it for the article , hope you enjoyed reading cause i had a mental breakdown while writing this . Life is fun <3

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lots of love

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