Today i've realized a couple of things that help me when I'm sad/upset and I would like to share it with you guys.
I hope that maybe this can help you out when you feel sad.

1) music

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I sometimes listen to music when i'm sad. I suggest listening to upbeat songs and/or songs that make you happy (your favourite song(s). I like to listen to songs that make me feel powerful and good about myself.

some songs:

love myself - hailee steinfed
god is a woman - ariana grande
so good - zara larson
sorry not sorry - demi lovato
don't call me up - mabel
ain't my fault - zara larson
glorious - macklemore feat. skylar grey
good life - g-eazy & kehlani
you don't know me - jax jones feat. RAYE

2) youtube videos / netflix

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Watching youtube videos (vine compilations, makeup videos etc.) helps me when i'm feeling sad because they instantly put a smile to my face. I'm obsessed with Teen Wolf and Marvel movies, so when i don't feel like watching youtube videos I do that.

3) ice cream / pizza

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Any type of food can make me happy but when it comes down to me being sad, ice cream and/or pizza are my go-to, they could make me the happiest person alive

4) notebook

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Whenever i feel really upset or sad i write down what I'm feeling in that exact moment. I never knew this would ever help me but it does. It calms me down and makes me realize that bottling up my feelings isn't good for me. I'm a person who doesn't like to share their feelings, personal struggles or problems with other people at all, so I just write them all down. It truly does make me feel better

5) sleep

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Last but not least, sleep. When i feel like nothing is helping me I just go to sleep and then when I wake up I usually feel a lot better

Everyone deals with being sad differently, these are just some things that help me personally.
I thought i'd share and maybe help some people out because i know it took me a while to find out what helps me feel better when i'm sad or upset.
I hope this helped some of you out.