hey love,

i travel a lot, like to much. but i travel within america and i haven't flown out of the country in a really long time. i for some reason miss those excruciating long plane rides where i'm stuck in economy class and there are loud snores and smelly feet. but i know i can travel in my mind, so let's fly over to london

first off, i have to buy a ticket obviously and since im so desperately bored i'm going to look up the tickets for real, so let's assume that i'm reallllly rich. after searching, i found on that the total is $7,008.17, wow, ok i'm gonna have to really really rich.

the hotel is key to a good stay, so after doing some more desperately bored reasearch i found that i'd stay in the kimpton fitzroy hotel, which looks like a castle.

Image by rue
Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel

london has a lot of places to go that are beautiful, so the place that i would go would probably where everyone would be going.

Big Ben and ساعة بيج بن image
Big Ben Clock
architecture, city, and london image
London Eye View
flowers, bike, and bicycle image
London Bike Tour (i love biking)
aesthetic, art, and blue image
National Gallery

so now that you've seen some tourist attactions, lets go eat at some fancy restaurants

Image by rue
The Ritz Restaurant
Image by rue
The Ivy
Image by rue
The Ledbury
Image by rue
Galvin at Windows

and those are the beautiful places i'd go to, also i'd take a corny picture under those telephone booths, do they still have those? anyways i hope i actually go to london it looks and sounds like such a nice place. i hope you enjoyed this article, maybe it'll motivate you to go to london