This is a basic introduction to who I am, as this is my first article on WeHeartIt. I've seen quite a few of these floating around the WeHeartIt community, and I thought it would be a really good way to show everyone who I am, in a collection of photos. Here we go, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my life.


Temporarily removed fashion, aesthetic, and 80s image Image by Fashionvictim fashion, style, and outfit image
these are just a few outfits that I would love to wear, and that show off what my style is like


Image by Etòile ⚝ Temporarily removed red, light, and neon image Marvel, wallpaper, and hero image
red is my favourite colour, and I feel like I embody it quite well


Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It cat, salem, and funny image salem, woman, and cat image
a very specific animal: Salem the cat from Sabrina The Teenage Witch


food, pizza, and cheese image Temporarily removed ice cream, food, and cookie dough image vintage, coffee, and cup image
pizza, cookie dough, ice cream, and... tea? (shh, it definitely can go in the food section)


book, aesthetic, and photography image geek, Marvel, and movies image art, drawing, and city image friends, fun, and crazy image
I love to read, watch movies (marvel movies in particular), draw/create art, and hang out with my friends


feminist, pink, and feminism image bisexual, brown, and funny image emotions, quotes, and jake peralta image hate, quotes, and everyone image
These photos are pretty much self explanatory, don't you think?


green, quote, and aesthetic image quotes and words image brussels, peace, and je suis image quotes, yellow, and life image
I like these quotes, they're accurate and amazing


these are all great movies, and I could list so many more, but that would take up too much room :(


I could talk for days about each and every one of these shows, but I'm just going to leave you with the recommendation to watch them all

This was a brief overview of who I am, and if you found me interesting, here is the link to my personal collection, which I update pretty regularly:

All of the collections mentioned are made by me, and they will be updated either in my free time, or whenever I stumble across photos that just fit perfectly into each collection :)

I expect I will be posting a lot more articles from now on, since I found this one very enjoyable to make, and I hope you found it enjoyable to read.