All of us are craving for some new and good music. Here are my spotify playlists for every mood!

-This is my spoify account:

This year's summer playlist is officially ready! billie eilish, girl in red, the weeknd, beyonce and more.

Temporarily removed wallpaper, sky, and summer image
summer deprssion, there is so much time to question.. my life

My fav playlist! Drake, The Weeknd, blackbear, 6lack and more.

aesthetic, aesthetics, and goth image Image removed
Out of body That's just how I feel when I'm around you shawty

I listen to this playlist when i want to relax and chill. Lofi and some soft songs and more.

90s, aesthetic, and anime image Temporarily removed

hype up!!
i love this playlist. always gives me the good vibes and makes me happier. Rex Orange County, HONNE, Brockhampton and more!

Image removed music and rex orange county image
"Sunflower still grows at night Waitin' for a minute 'til the sun's seen through my eyes"

looking for motivational songs for your workout hours? i hear ya!
Travis Scott, Lil Pump, 21 Savage and more.

inspiration, motivation, and quotes image adidas, fit, and girls image

undescribed feelings
this is for when you feel some stuff but don't know what.
Kehlani, Jorja Smith, Olivia O'Brien

Image removed spongebob, cartoon, and sad image
"Do you miss me at all?"

unrequited love
i think the title sums it up.
Christina Aguilera, Chritina Perri, Billie Eilish and more.

broken heart, overdose, and please image lana del rey, smoke, and cigarette image
"I can't stop thinking 'bout you."

sad boi hours
wanna cry your heart aut with super depressed lyrics? i hope you never do that... bu i'll leave the playlist here.
Billie Eilish, Olivia O'Brien, EDEN, blackbear and more.

hurt, sad, and quotes image girl, sad, and cry image
"Carve me out the photo so they can pretend Like I don't exist"

love is a bitch
this playlist makes love more fun.
Ariana Grande, SoMo, Ella Mai and more.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It love, quotes, and couple image
"break up with your girlfriend... cuz im bored"

Thank you for reading my article! I hope you guys like my playlists. Follow me on spotify and i will follow back! See ya.