Hi! I saw this article on my timeline and i loved the idea so here it is!


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Lisa is a long time friend, my childhood best friend actually and i kinda had a cute child crush on her at the time though it wasnt really serious.


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Oceane is just that one cute middle school crush, my first serious one anyway. I was writing her love letters with so much spelling mistakes that it hurts.


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I met Clément in 8th or 9th grade i cant remember, he was my first boy crush (or the first i care to remember). He was a bit of a punk kid and we never really got to be friends but i was swooning whenever he was coming close to me.


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We were part of the same group of friends in high-school and we were just so similar that we got close real quick. It was a very sexual crush though. (Even if i liked her was beside that)


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I met Manon when i was seventeen or something? I moved away and she was assigned to show me around the school and help me with all the classes i missed. She never was interested in me even platonically but she was too cool for anyone to not love her.


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Alice is living next door to my sister, i met her like 2 or 3 years ago when i was staying there for a few weeks. She was so beautiful i couldnt not like her. We flirted a lot but i didnt hear from her since.


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Alexis was a huge one, honestly i think i was pretty much in love. We met in last highschool year at some movie club that we had and it just clicked right away. We had a hell of a relationship, very intense also really short.