Whether you have to decide what to wear to work or what to wear to a party, choosing an outfit becomes a new challenge everyday. This can be changed by organizing your closet with these five simple tips.

1. Color code your closet
-It may seem like a waste of time, but it really speeds up the process when you are looking for a certain piece. It also makes it look super aesthetic and clean.

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2. Get rid of clothes you don't wear
-I cannot stress this tip enough. I know everyone says this, but there are so many pieces that could disappear from your closet and you wouldn't even know. A way that has helped me let go of a lot of pieces is by waiting for a day I feel upset or angry because I am more willing to throw things away. (sounds weird but it works every time haha)

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3. When you are feeling your outfit DOCUMENT IT
-Whether it be by taking a photo and saving it in your phone to an album or making an album of your outfits on we heart it this tip saves me so much time when I am picking out my outfits. It also helps you remember outfits that make you feel your best when you are out shopping.

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4. Buy an organizer or shoes rack
-This is optional because not everyone has the money to buy these things but you can also look up youtube tutorials to make your own! It really helps to have a specific place to view your shoes in a line instead of having to constantly look for the other shoe to each pair. You can also buy organizers to put in drawers to organize belts or scarves.

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5. Buying the correct hangers
-This has truly helped me save so much space and keep my clothes in better condition then I used to. I recently switched from suede hangers to wood hangers and the clothes slide off so much easier versus plastic or suede hangers can causes friction or cause mini tears in clothing. I also have purchased hangers that are made for jeans. Instead of folding them a ton of times or making them appear wrinkled you can just fold them over a hanger and then you can see all of your jeans at once instead of pulling them out one by one.

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These tips may not help everyone but they have truly helped me and the people I have helped with organizing closets and houses.