Hi hearters today im going to discuss an important topic that I think a lot of us had or still have a diffcult time with

School is right around the corner for me and from 2018 - 2019 i've learned so much about the way people act or think

I've pretty much grew out some friendships and i realized as you get older your mindset can get a lot stronger

Alright starting off with...

1.) They joke about your insecurities

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I can't stress this one enough. if they're constantly joking about your weight, hair type, style, just you being you...then thats a red flag

2.) Whenever something amazing happens to you, you keep it to yourself

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If you feel like you can't tell your friends good news because they'll be jealous, not care or even be happy for you then sis cut them off

3.) You're always there for them but they're never there for you

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This is also an important one because if ur a good person with a good heart like me, sometimes it takes a long time to realize when you're constantly giving your time and attention but don't get it in return.

4.) They try to play victim and manipulate you

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Honestly this goes for relationships too but if u constantly address something to them that you don't like and they turn it around on you by making you feel bad, then cut them off.

5.) When they judge a lot of people

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Not a lot of people realize this until later on but if your "friend" is picking on other people based like their looks, making jokes, and gossip about them for no reason. That shows that they're miserable and insecure

6.) If the root of the friendship started based off of gossip

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If you know for a fact that you two have nothing in common and all you ever do is talk about gossip with them then i suggest you cut them off

7.) If they NEVER invite you anywhere

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If you don't get a call or text being invited somewhere but you see your group of friends hanging without you...CUT EM OFF

8.) You're always doing them favors

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This relates to #3 but if you are always giving them gifts, money, doing their hw, giving them rides to places, and they don't do it in return when you need them the most..they gtg

Ok that's all for today guys, show some love on this article if you liked it and want me to do a part 2! Have a good day xox

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