She always had an eye for the little things, the details, which she absolutely loved. She loved the dimple on his chin. His little scar above his left eye. His “barely there” beard. She loved his Hollywood smile. His half-green, half-brown eye. The way he walked, like he was the most confident man in the world. His mysterious tattoo. She loved how enthusiastic he was about technology. The way he smoked his cigarettes. How he brightened up every room he walked in because he was a people’s person. How great he was at playing soccer. She loved how he made it so that when he looked at her it was like time had stopped. She loved all these endless, different, little things. But all of those things weren’t a part of just one person. No, all of them don’t belong to just one “him”. They are parts from all of her ex-lovers. She may have not loved just one of them completely, but she was completely in love with all of their little perks and flaws that made them who they were.