Since it's summer, a lot of us tend to be less and less productive. It's so easy now to just sleep till noon and watch netflix. But I will give you some tips to help with your productivity.


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Whenever, I wake up early, I feel so much better and get a lot of things done because I have so much more time. But when I wake up at like noon, I just feel like half a day is gone and there's no point doing anything. So I just watch Netflix.
Start by slowly waking up earlier every day. Don't just start waking up at 8 a.m. That won't last long and you'll be tired all day.


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This is really helpful. I don't know why but by making my bed, I already feel productive. Also, if it's made then I know I won't go back to sleep. And it makes your room look more tidy and orhanized.


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When I usually get ready, I'm more motivated to get things done and to get out of the house. I like doing my makeup, hair and picking my outfit. Plus I look cute then and that's an excuse to go somewhere.


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Using a planner will make you be more organized. You can make to-do lists and see what needs to be done that day. You can write appointments that you have or important events, so you don't forget.
You can use a bullet journal as well. I use it and I really enjoy it. It's kinda relaxing too.


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Try to do something new. In summer it's perfect for that because you have more free time. It can be anything. Painting, yoga, photography, dancing, new language, whatever you decide.
This will make you feel like you have learnt something new and that's amazing.

Hope you enjoyed!
Love, Karina