Hey babes ♥ I know the end of vacations aren't soon (I don't know how it is in the other countries but in France vacations are until start of September) but I decided to write this article after reading this one 👇

I hope you will enjoyed it ♥

1. What year are you going into?
I'll start ninth grade, the last year of middle school in France.

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2. What are you excited/nervous for this year?
I'm not really excited about start 9th grade but a little bit nervous because this year I'll made my course choice.

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3. What's your favourite part about getting ready for back to school?
Seeing people I didn't see all vacations long.

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4. What year were you in when you first started wearing makeup?
I don't wearing make up.

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5. Where do you get inspiration from?
Social medias, TV, YouTube, friends

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6. What subjects are you studying?
I'm studying all because I'm still in middle school.

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7. What are your favourite subjects?
Languages (French, English, Spanish).

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8. What are your least favourite subjects?
Sciences, mathematics and physical education

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9. What kind of bag do you use for school?
Backpack. I have black Eastpack.

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10. What are 3 non-beauty essentials you have in your bag?
Earpods, phone, snacks.

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11. What are 3 beauty essentials you carry in your bag?
Hair clip (I have frizzy hair and sometimes there are small hair that do not fit in the ponytail or braids), deodorant and lip balm.

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12. What do you wear?
In my school we don't have uniform (I think in the whole France), I wear what I want. Usually I wear jeans with shirt and leather jacket or jean jacket with sneakers.

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13. Have you ever ditched or skipped classes?
No on purpose, I just missed for health reasons or appointment at doctor's.

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14. Have you ever been in detention and why?

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15. Composition book or notebook?
Composition book.

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16. Pens or pencils?

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17. Folders or binders?

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18. Sticky notes or note cards?
Sticky notes for annotating my class notes but note card at home.

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19. Need calculator or already knows the answer?
Calculator. Sometimes you can't do anything without in mathematics.

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20. Planner or unorganised?

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21. Study or wing it?

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22. Homework done night before or morning of?
Done night because I don't have time on morning of.

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23. Highlighters or no highlighters?
Highlighters are essential.

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24. Smart or stupid as ever?

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25. Like or hate school?
I like school even if I hate some subjects.

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26. Do you do any extra-curricular activities at school?
No, but after school I go to ballet lessons.

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27. What is your best advice?
Do your best, try and even if you make a mistakes, never give up. And trust yourself.

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