Stage Name : Ara
English Name : Ara Park
Real Name : Park Aera
Position : Main Dancer, Main Vocal and Visual
Birthday : December, 20, 1995
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Blood Type : A+

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Height 5'6", pure white skin, have a small mole on nose, real brown hair and dark gray eyes.
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Ara has some tattoos. She really love tattoos so much.

A Korean, Japanese and half Canadian descent girl. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada until she was 15 years old and then she moved to Seoul, Korea to become a trainee at SM Entertainment for 2 years. Her parents owned some luxury hotels business in Vancouver and a furniture factory in Korea. She have a corgi dog named Puppy. She can speak English, Korean, Japanese and little bit Chinese.

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Vancouver, Japan, South Korea and Puppy.

Ara became a trainee in SM Entertainment because her dream was to be a singer. She also really likes dancing. She really enjoyed her training period before debuting as an idol.

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SM Music Studio and SM Dance Studio.


Company : SM Entertainment
Group Name : COA (좋아)
Date of Debut : December 20, 2012
Fandom Name : Lova
Fan Color : Marbel-Blue Ocean Goldie

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A 6-member of girl group who have their own different talents. Their music genre is from pop, RnB to ballad. Each member has different pastel colors representing various forms of love that exist in this world.

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This is the official color from COA's fandom. Soft marbel-blue ocean blending with gold that refined from the sun.


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Representative color is black.
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Representative animal is a sugar glider.
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Representative fruit is blackberry.
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Loves eating and dolls. image ulzzang and image
Her nicknamed is ‘Living Doll’ in the group because she can be cute, beautiful and sexy at one time.
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Joined Running Man on some episodes, joined Law of the Jungle with Seunghoon Winner, guest star with Yunho (TVXQ) on I Live Alone and won a silver medal in gymnastics Idol Star Athletics Championships 2016.


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Casual and boyish style. Loves hoodies and sweaters.


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Piercing, necklaces, watch, bracelets and rings.


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Seulgi, Krystal, Jennie and Naeun.


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Sehun, Kai, Jimin and Ravi.


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Brian Kim / Kim Ha Joon (businessman) ; they were school friends since in Canada and met again in Korea after Ara debuted as a member of girl group called COA. Because their friendship tends in same environment, they finally started dating since a few years ago.

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