'Honey Honey' Mamma Mia!

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"I'd heard about you before, I wanted to know some more, And now I know what they mean, you're a love machine, Oh, you make me dizzy!"

'Beauty School Dropout' Grease

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"Now your bangs are curled, your lashes twirled, but still the world is cruel. Wipe off that angel face and go back to high school"

'Razzle Dazzle' Chicago

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"Though you are stiffer than a girder, They'll let you get away with murder! Razzle dazzle 'em, And you've got a romance"

'All That Jazz' Chicago

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"Slick your hair and wear your buckle shoes, And all that Jazz"

'Roxie' Chicago

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"The name on everybody's lips Is gonna be Roxie! The lady raking in the chips Is gonna be Roxie!"

'Dancin' Xanadu

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"Lover, I won't take a back seat tonight. Lover, gettin' on my two feet tonight. Got some dancin' to do, Got some dancin' to do"

'Come Alive' The Greatest Showman

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"No more living in those shadows, You and me we know how that goes, 'Cause once you see it, oh you'll never, never be the same!"

'A Million Dreams' The Greatest Showman

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"They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy. They can say, they can say I've lost my mind. I don't care, I don't care, so call me crazy. We can live in a world that we design"

'Good For You' Dear Evan Hansen

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"So you found a place where the grass is greener. And you jumped the fence to the other side. Is it good? Are they giving you a world I could never provide?"

'To Break in a Glove' Dear Evan Hansen

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"It just takes a little patience. It takes a little time. A little perseverance, and a little uphill climb"

'In' Carrie: The Musical

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"And someday, if I don't stand out one bit. Oh someday, I may be normal enough to fit in"

'Bushel and a Peck' Guys and Dolls

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"I love you, a bushel and a peck! A bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck! A hug around the neck, and a barrel and a heap, A barrel and a heap, and I'm talkin' in my sleep. About you!"

'The Surrey With the Fringe on Top' Oklahoma!

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"Don't you wish go on forever? Don't you wish go on forever? Don't you wish go on forever and you'd never stop In that shiny, little surrey with the fringe on the top!"

'It's a Scandal! It's an Outrage!' Oklahoma!

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"It's a scandal, it's an outrage! How a gal gets a husband today! If you make one mistake when the moon is bright Then they tie you to a contract So you'll make it ev'ry night!"

'You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile' Annie

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"Who cares what they're wearing, On Main Street or Saville Row? It's what you wear from ear to ear, And not from head to toe!"