Summer has just started and here are some of the things on my bucket list that i would like to achieve before it is over! Let's get started!

- Go to the Zoo

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I recently went to the zoo a week ago on a school trip and have been dying to go again with my family or friends ever since! ______________________________

- Go on a boat ride

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I really want to just go near the sea and a boat ride just seems so relaxing! ______________________________

- Go to the beach

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I really want to go to the beach and just feel the sand between my toes as well as jump into the ocean! I can't swim but hey! summer isn't summer without the idea of beaches! ______________________________

- Go to a funfair

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GIRLS! JUST! WANNA! HAVE! FUN! ______________________________

- Go to a water park

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It is so hot and a water park would be an AMAZING as well as fun way to cool down! ______________________________

- Go to an outdoor cinema

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Watching a movie outdoors on a hot summer day with loved ones sounds like a great idea ! ______________________________

- Go to a barbecue

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Eating and hanging out with friends? That is my type of Summer! ______________________________

- Go sightseeing

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Specifically, in Central London as i live in London! ______________________________


Please do not forget to heart this article and hopefully i have given you some ideas for what you can do this Summer! Your Summer can still be fun even if you do not go on holiday!

REMEMBER: You are loved ______________________________

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